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Lacquered glass

Lacquered glass brings a touch of colour to your interior. Glued to the wall, assembled as a glass partition wall or a glass door, the possibilities are numerous.


Glass splashback

The most common use of lacquered glass is for a glass splashback. This consists of gluing a lacquered glass to your wall, which is an alternative to tiling or other coverings. Lacquered glass as a wall covering offers several advantages. The first is hygiene. It is just as easy to clean and degrease the surface of lacquered glass as it is to clean and degrease a window. A second advantage is choice. You can choose any existing colour to lacquer a glass. The possibilities are therefore endless and you will always find something that matches the rest of your interior. Finally, lacquered glass has the advantage of being a smooth, seamless surface.

Lacquered glass splashbacks are often used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.


Laminated assembly

By assembling two lacquered glasses with a film in between, it is also possible to create glass partition walls or doors in any colour. This use is appreciated in private homes as well as in offices and commercial premises. Here too, the colour possibilities are endless.

For doors, the glass is first toughened, then lacquered and finally laminated. The result is a door in any colour that is shiny on both sides and offers the same resistance as ordinary tempered glass.


Your glazier in Brussels and its outskirts

Vitrerie JP Brière has a great deal of experience in supplying and installing lacquered glass. If you are interested in our solutions, don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message. We will be delighted to help you.

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