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Sandblasted glass

Whether you choose designs, patterns or geometric shapes, sandblasted glass offers many possibilities to give a refined and aesthetic look to your interior.


To sandblast glass, sand is sent at high pressure on the surface of the glass to obtain a satin effect. Once sandblasted, the glass becomes translucent and matt. Sandblasting allows the creation of designs and shapes of your choice. This makes it possible to sandblast not only logos, but also patterns, letters, etc.


Easy maintenance

A sandblasted glass can be maintained like any other glass. You can clean it with water and detergents. Sandblasting will not deteriorate over time. Proof of this is that many old houses still have doors with sandblasted glass that have easily withstood the test of time.


Your glazier in Brussels and its outskirts

Vitrerie JP Brière has great expertise in sandblasting glass. Whether it’s a new project or the replacement of a broken sandblasted glass, our team is able to advise you and provide you with the right product.

If you are interested in our solutions, don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message. We will be delighted to help you.

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