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Glass doors

A glass door provides more space and light in your interior. The choices in terms of types of installation, glass and shaping are multiple. Whatever your project is, Vitrerie can help you realize it.

Tempered glass

Glass doors are made of tempered glass. What is this type of glass exactly and how is it produced? To make a glass door, a simple 8, 10 or 12 mm thick glass is first cut and shaped with the necessary cutouts to be able to attach accessories such as handles, locks or hinges. After cutting and shaping it, the glass is passed through an oven at more than 600 ° C and then cooled down quickly. This treatment, which is called tempering, allows the glass to become very resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. Tempering the glass is however an irreversible process, which means it will no longer be possible to cut it afterwards. In addition, if this type of glass breaks, it breaks into thousands of small pieces which are much less dangerous than the large pieces of normal glass.


Which type of glass door should you choose?

We offer multiple types of glass doors to suit all tastes and configurations. Depending on the use of the glass door and its location in your home, office or business, we are able to guide you towards the best solution. Depending on your needs, you can for example opt for a sliding glass door rather than a hinged one. Or depending on your floor, walls and ceiling, it is sometimes better to opt for a glass door with wall hinges rather than a glass door on a pivot. Whatever the configuration is of your interior, we are able to help you. Here are the types of glass doors we place:

  • glass door with wall hinges
  • glass door with pivot on the floor and ceiling
  • sliding glass door

Besides the type of door, you also have the choice of glass tint and finish such as clear glass, extra-clear glass, bronze glass, gray glass or matt glass. It is also possible to sandblast patterns or designs on your glass door or to circle it with a lacquered aluminum frame in the color of your choice. Here are the finishing options for your glass door:

  • sandblasted glass door
  • lacquered glass door
  • glass door in lacquered frame



Your glazier in Brussels and its outskirts

Vitrerie JP Brière is able to produce any type of glass door. Our installation team is at your disposal for the realization of your project in Brussels and its outskirts.

If you are a professional or simply a handyman at heart, you can also order and pick up your glass door at our workshop in Ganshoren.

For a free quote, don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message.

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