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Shop window

A beautiful shop window is essential for a store. Unfortunately, it may break for whatever reason. Vitrerie JP Brière can intervene quickly when you have a broken glass.


A team of professionals

Vitrerie JP Brière has extensive experience in the installation of shop windows. Whether it is small or (very) large, we can help you replace it. For the replacement of large shop windows we use a suction cup crane which allows us to work in complete safety.


Quick quote and security

In the event of a broken shop window, we’ll come to you as soon as possible to evaluate the damage and if necessary make a temporary repair. Temporary solutions include for example gluing a piece of glass on the window in order to cover a hole.  This will provide you with the necessary peace of mind while taking care of quotes, insurance papers and ordering a replacement.

After acceptance of the quote by insurance, we will replace your shop window as soon as possible so that your business is neat again.


Burglar-proof shop window

Vitrerie JP Brière can help you install a burglar-proof shop window in laminated glass. In the event that your insurance company demands that your shop window be made of laminated glass in order to delay a possible break-in, we can check which type of glass is installed. If you’re not equipped with laminated glass, we can replace your existing shop window with a burglar-proof one.


Anti-reflective shop window

Some businesses suffer from an unfortunate location in relation to the position of the sun, which prevents customers from seeing the goods on display. To overcome this, glass manufacturer AGC has developed a revolutionary product called the Clearsight anti-reflective glass. In addition to being laminated and therefore resistant to break-ins, Clearsight glass eliminates most of the reflections. The result is stunning. You have the impression that the glass is simply invisible.


Your glazier in Brussels and its outskirts

Vitrerie JP Brière can replace all types of shop windows. Our installation team is at your disposal for the realization of your project and is active both in Brussels and its outskirts.

For a free quote, don’t hesitate to call or send us a message.

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