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Shower screen

In addition to being useful, a custom-made glass shower screen adds sparkle and elegance to your bathroom. Whatever the size or configuration of your bathroom is, Vitrerie JP Brière is able to supply and place a custom-made shower screen.

Tempered glass shower screen

Our custom-made shower screens are made of tempered glass. What exactly is this type of glass and how is it produced? To make a shower screen, a simple 8 or 10 mm thick glass is first cut and shaped with the necessary cutouts to be able to attach accessories such as stiffeners, handles or hinges. After cutting and shaping it , the glass is passed through an oven at 600 ° Celsius and then quickly cooled. This treatment, which is called tempering, allows the glass to become very resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. This process is however irreversible and afterwards it is impossible to cut the glass. In addition, if this type of glass breaks, it shatters into thousands of small pieces which are much less dangerous than the large pieces when normal glass breaks.


Your custom-made shower screen

Each bathroom is different. This is why it’s important to carefully study the possibilities of implementing a shower screen in order to optimize the space and have an aesthetic result. There are however some basic rules to observe. The first is that your glass shower screen must be held on all sides to avoid twisting. This implies for example that for a fixed shower screen, no corner can remain unsupported. This is why at the top of the shower screen it will be necessary to place a profile, a clamp or even a stiffener bar. Another important point is to make sure that the desired shower screen does indeed fit into your bathroom. If the glass does not pass the entrance door or cannot be put up straight, it becomes useless as tempered glass cannot be cut.

At Vitrerie JP Brière we have extensive experience in the placement of custom-made shower screens. When preparing a quote, we help you with your choice by providing you with the different options. In addition, we can make showers with special cutouts, for example in bathrooms installed under the eaves of a house which sometimes require oblique cutouts.

If you have special aesthetic wishes, we are always on hand to provide you with a solution. Here are some of the possibilities we offer:

  • sandblasted shower screens
  • shower screens with lacquered frame
  • lacquered shower screens


Your glazier in Brussels and its outskirts

Vitrerie JP Brière is able to produce any type of glass shower screen. Our installation team is at your disposal for the realization of your project in Brussels and its outskirts.

If you are a professional or just a handyman at heart, you can also order and pick up your glass shower screen at our workshop in Ganshoren.

For a free quote, don’t hesitate to call or send us a message.

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