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Mirrors : reflections of beauty

A mirror is an essential element in your interior. Whether it is purely functional or purely decorative, you can count on Glaswerken Brière to customize and install your mirror.

Durable and ecological

All our mirrors meet environmental requirements thanks to a copper-free metal coating and a low-lead lacquer coating. That doesn’t mean they’re not high-quality. They have a high resistance to corrosion and are easy to clean, even with strong detergents.

Our mirrors are also available in a secured version with a plastic film on the back for use in public places such as stores or sports clubs.

Finally, their durability is excellent in humid environments such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Wide choice

You can count on us to make and install a custom mirror. The choice is wide, ranging from a simple clear mirror to a tinted mirror or an antique-looking mirror. In addition, you have the choice between different thicknesses and finishes depending on your project.

In terms of finishing, we offer different solutions such as:


  • UV gluing of hinges or handles on your mirror
  • placing a custom mirror in a frame
  • sandblasting of patterns or designs of your choice
  • bevels in the width of your choice
  • special cut-outs and holes

Your mirror maker in Brussels and surrounding areas

Our installation team has extensive experience installing mirrors. Whether it’s a small mirror for the toilet, a mirror for the bathroom or large mirrors for a sports club or a store, we are ready to help you realize your projects in Brussels and surrounding areas.

Before each installation, we analyze with you the type of mirror best suited to your needs and the best way to place it.

A mirror is often glued directly to the wall with a special silicone that does not damage the paint on the back. We install:

mirror for bathroom and toilet
mirror for wardrobe and hall
mirror for dressing-rooms
mirror for stores
mirror for sports clubs
If you do not want a placement but just a custom mirror, our team in our workshop/showroom is at your service from Monday to Friday. A few days after your order the mirror will be ready for you.

For more information, please call us or send us a message.

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