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Splash walls: practical beauty for your kitchen

A glass splash wall for the kitchen is both an aesthetic and a practical solution. We have a solution for you regardless of the look or composition of your kitchen.

The benefits of a glass splashback

Installing a glass splash wall offers you several advantages over other wall coverings in your kitchen. The first advantage is that you have an unlimited choice of colors available to you. After all, a splash wall is simply glass with a coat of paint. So you can choose any color you want.

Moreover, a glass splashback is very easy to maintain. Just go over it with a damp cloth and your kitchen is clean and shiny again.

Finally, the glass backsplash protects your wall excellently from grease and water splashes.

Choose the right glass splashback

When you want to install a glass splashback, you should consider several things such as thickness, color and shape.

In terms of thickness, you can choose between 4 mm or 6 mm. While a 4 mm splash wall is slightly cheaper, it is also less sturdy and less resistant to shocks. If you choose 6 mm glass, you can rest assured that your splashback will last a long time.

At the color, you can choose between clear or extra-clear glass. Contrary to what the name suggests, clear glass has a slightly greenish tint that can change the color of the paint of the splashback if it is rather light. In that case, it is better to choose a splash wall made of extra-clear glass, which will not change the color of the lacquer you have chosen.

As for the design of your splash wall, you can choose either plain glass or tempered glass. Although slightly more expensive, tempered glass has the advantage of being more resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. This is due to the fact that the glass is annealed at more than 600° C and then cooled rapidly. If you opt for a splash wall made of tempered glass, then rest assured, the screen will withstand both shocks and hot pots and pans placed next to it.

When preparing a free quote, Glaswerken Brière will give you all the necessary advice to choose the splashback that best suits you.

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Glaswerken Brière can make and install any type of splashback. Our installation team is always ready to carry out your project in both Brussels and the outskirts.

If you are more of a professional or just a do-it-yourselfer at heart, you can also order your equipment and pick it up at our workshop in Ganshoren.

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